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In the far reach of space, a new star evokes. At that very moment, a horrible roaring sweeps across the universe. This sudden roaring, like a helpless howling, breaks the peace of the universe. Antarichi, a planet of peace and perfection, is overtaken by a greedy bionic human Alfred. Opposing the belief of his creator Casiofia, he attempts to conquer the Universe. His first step is to destroy the city Orion. Kanann, King of city Orion, is shocked by the sudden attempt of the new born star. He finds no way to combat so he sends out SuperSpeeder to seek help from earth. A fierce and bloody battle begins. With the reunion of Super Speeder and Mazinger 7 and a group of brave warriors, Alfred if finally defeated. The bionic human is exploded and the colony destroyed. City Orion is rebuilt and Universe is back to peace, Thanks to the Protectors of the Universe. (Source: MAL)

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Status: Completed

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Genres: Mecha, Sci-Fi, Movie, Anime

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